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Strong customer service We pride ourselves on our customer service and liaise closely with our customers when building their website.
Custom built websites All our websites have custom design that use your business and ideas as a source of inspiration.
Develop your website with your needs Our websites are also designed to develop as your needs grow so you can add functionality as you need it.

Package Comparison Table

Features Start Up Small Business Large Business Gallery Website Joomla Website
Cost £95 £195 £295 £295 £600
Custom Design yes yes yes yes yes
True Domain Name for 1 year yes yes yes yes yes
hosting for 1 year yes yes yes yes yes
submission to search engines yes yes yes yes yes
weekly web statistics yes yes yes yes yes
email box configuration yes yes yes yes yes
Technical support yes yes yes yes yes
two months of site maintenance yes yes yes yes yes
number of pages 1 3 5 n/a n/a
Dynamic Contact Form yes yes
Logo and Stationary Design yes
carbon neutral website
If you would like something different from the packages please use our contact page to tell us your requirements.


Start Up Package

This package is a great choice if you want to reserve a domain name or have a simple online contact address. Ideal for small businesses, self employed tradesmen and women or for entrepreneurs. This is also the package of choice if you want to add a professional looking web address to your stationary.

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Small Business Package

Designed for small businesses and professionals who want to add more information about their products or services. Ideal if you want to advertise some products, services, offers or events as well as your company profile and contact details.

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Large Business Package

This package allows you to add a significant amount of information about your products and services. With our dynamic contact form and co–ordinated logo and stationary design you will have a professional website ready to sell your products and services both online and by traditional methods.

You are one step away from a pay online shop. Use this Package to advertise your products and gauge the online market your company could attract.

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Picture Gallery Package

As well as being able to offer picture galleries based on PHP or Flash we are pleased to offer the open source picture gallery, Selecta Pix. Open source programming is free to use so all you pay us to do is set up your gallery and style it to your taste.

Selecta Pix allows you to log in and update your photos online. We can adapt this package, as with all our packages, to add Ecommerce, more editing functionality, further pages, and so on.

For more information or to test a demo site please visit outofthetrees website for more information.

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Joomla CMS Package

Joomla CMS (Content Management System) is an Open Source solution that offers blog, forums, ecommerce and newsletters, plus more all in one site. Its easy to use CMS allows you to update content online. To develop this kind of website from scratch would cost thousands. However, because Joomla is open source you don't pay for the development you only pay for our time and skills spent configuring your website.

Please visit Joomla's website for more information and to test a demo.

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If you want to add more functionality or design to your website package we offer various extras listed below:

Flash files (banners, animation, information windows, etc.)

Flash allows you to include animation, sliding picture galleries and other visual effects in your website or embed fonts for text you want to update, amongst other uses. With the use of actionscript you can link a Flash form with a PHP database for a smooth information collection form.


Flash development from £20 per hour or £75 flat fee for animation without code.

MySQL Database

MySQL and PHP development add database functionality to your site. This would allow you to capture information from customers, set up an ecommerce website, store information and pictures online and develop a CMS (Content Management System).

MySQL and PHP development for £25 per hour. Please also see our Ecommerce solutions.
Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS gives you the tools to edit content on your website. We can develop a custom solution CMS for you, but also offer a range of Open Source CMS packages.

Custom CMS development for £25 per hour.
Basic Ecommerce (Paypal shopping basket)

Adding Ecommerce to your website has been made much easier with Paypal's "pay as you sell" solutions. As Paypal handle all the security of your transactions, including your shopping basket, you can get away without using a database or SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Orders can be emailed to you direct from Paypal.

£60 for up to 20 products and £30 per 20 products thereafter.
Advanced Ecommerce (Javascript shopping basket)

A Javascript basket allows your customer to browse your website and products before using Paypal at the checkout stage. Javascript is handled by the user's browser, meaning you don't need a database to support this super light shopping basket. If your products don't change much this is a great solution for a professional light ecommerce solution.

£80 for up to 20 products and £40 per 20 products thereafter.
Technical support and content updates

We offer to handle your website and internet interests along with content updates for an hourly rate or monthly fee.

£15 per hour or £30 per calendar month.
PHP form with validation

A PHP form can be used with a MySQL database or without (ie: information stored in a table online or sent to you by email). PHP forms are handy for collecting customer information, polls, or for receiving enquiries from your contact page.

Development for £25 per hour. Simple contact forms available from £50.
Bi-lingual website functionality on static website packages

If you order a static website from Digital Community we will add your Welsh or English translated pages for an administration charge of £12 per hour. To give you an idea of how this may translate into web pages it will most likely take less than one hour to update a 1 – 2 page website, one to two hours to update a 3 – 5 page website, etc.

Administration for £15 per hour.
Bi-lingual website functionality on CMS website packages

If you order a CMS website (a website that you can update) from Digital Community we will also offer you Welsh/English bi-lingual functionality for free. It will be your responsibility to provide your Welsh and English text, however, if you would like Digital Community to arrange the translation of your text we will do so for a £30 administration fee. Your translation will then cost £50* per 1000 words from a member of the Association of Welsh translators and interpreters.

*Price correct at time of publication.



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